The Spike Trader Story

In 2018, Marcelo Alvarenga, founder of Spike Trader Group, decided to share what he knew about trading and developed a trading course called "Profession: Daytrader".

Impressed with the results achieved by that group of 300 traders, Marcelo decided to take it to next level and started the Spike Trader company with the mission to provide trading education, technology and resources to develop consistently profitable traders worldwide.

In 2021, we launched the Spike Trader Academy, our professional trading education division and developed our trading journal software, Spike Radar, and other trading tools at Spike Trader Technology, our software unit.

The Spike Trader Group

At Spike Trader we have three business units working together.

  • Trading Education

  • Trading Technology

  • Trading Capital

Spike Trader Academy

We offer professional trading education, proprietary technology developed by our Technology Division, trading community, mentorship, and everything you need to start trading like a professional, make money consistently and become a successful daytrader.