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We give you a competitive advantage and take the mystery out of becoming a successful trader. We make your trading journey simpler, better and smarter. And with a real edge, you progress safely, go faster and further in your trading career.

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Meet Marcelo

He will be your mentor and guide you in your new and exciting trading journey ahead.

Marcelo Alvarenga is a fulltime trader, trading instructor, and mentor. He has been trading since 2007 and it took him many years to become a consistently profitable trader.

When he finally made, he left his executive position in a growing company and started trading full time in 2016.

Marcelo is the founder of Spike Trader and has a vision to provide a high-quality professional trading education to increase your chances to becoming a consistently profitable trader.

He is making his vision become a reality, developing new successful traders and helping them to change their lives forever.

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